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IoT Caliken provides low cost and low bandwidth connectivity via radio frequency to customers wanting to connect object/devices to a network This service targets the internet of things (IoT) which will greatly impact our lives over the next several decades to come.

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Driven by simplicity, IoT Caliken will unlock the power of the IoT through innovative solutions that give life to the physical world. Ultra-low subscriptions, simple to integrate technology and a free-to-use protocol are some of the great advantages of our network and service.

"We offer complete solutions that include multi-devices to measure in partnership with Sigfox for connectivity to collect the data and a cloud based platform to aggregate the data and deliver to the end user the data you need for your operations in the following areas:


Asset tracking – fixed assets monitoring.Container and freight tracking.Fleet management.Animal tracking – wildlife, domesticated.Gas cylinder tracking.Lost hikers/Safety.

Smart building/City

Waste managementNoise/air pollution watchSmart parkingWater levels warning systemsBack up alarm systemRoom occupancyHeating, cooling, lighting efficiency


Smart metering - for commercial and residential buildings.Gas cylinder pressure and levels.Water pressure monitoring.

Smart Farming

Better Watering (Drip irrigation, green spaces, sports fields) by monitoring temperature, humidity, flow rate, water reservoir levels and pH.

Fish pond farming

Temperature and pH.Soil moisture pH, Carbon dioxide and Temperature.Animal husbandry (livestock, dairy, poultry) – Temperature.


Cloud Platform Partners

Configure and manage your devices and solutions.Manage, filter, choose the information you need.Manage users, create charts and graphs, canned reports, export data, set alerts, geofence devices.

A global Low Power Wide Area network, Sigfox has reinvented connectivity for the IoT. It drastically brings down cost and energy consumption required for securely connecting IoT sensors to the Cloud.

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